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Presentation of the webftp-ajax project

What is webftp-ajax ?

In the past named webFTP, webftp-ajax is a ftp by navigator, it makes it possible to manage your server without having resorts to a software ftp (like filezilla), which can be very practical.
You have a total control on your files

With what it is developed?

webftp-ajax is developed mainly in PHP for the management of the files and the folders, and uses xAjax for the graphical interface. All the code was written on Notepad++ for the first version, and on SciTE for the more recent versions.

How to use it ?

When webftp-ajax is installed, you must go to the folder where you have put the sources ( for example), and you can use it :)

How to install it?

Download the sources here, unzip Unzip the whole in a folder en send it on your server.

Where is the development?

webftp-ajax is into its second version. There is many ameliorations since the first version. Here what it can make :

This is a multi-navigator ?

Not yet, but a version compatible with IE should coming soon .

Can i edit the script ?

Of course, webftp-ajax is under GPL, you can modify and/or redistribute the scripts under the terms of the GNU General Public License

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